Complaints & Grievances

If you have a complaint or grievance about you or your loved one’s care, your employment, application for employment, or vendor status with Moundridge Manor we would like to hear your complaint and have opportunity to assist. Please submit a form below with your grievance.

If you feel your issue has not or will not be resolved appropriately, you may contact the office of the State of Kansas Long-Term Care Ombudsman.

We offer the ability for complaints and grievances filed electronically to be anonymous. Due to the nature of such communications, we cannot provide a feedback loop regarding the actions taken as a result of your filing.

All grievances should be resolved at the lowest level possible. This may include your supervisor who will make every effort to handle your grievances. A procedure has been established to handle complaints when you are not satisfied with the decision of your supervisor. Within 3 days (excluding weekend and holidays) of the original complaint, you may present the complaint to your department manager who will indicate judgement in the matter and then will submit it to the Administrator for investigation with a meeting of all parties involved. This step must not exceed three days (excluding weekends and holidays). If you are not satisfied with the decision given by the Administrator of Moundridge Manor, you may then refer this in writing to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moundridge Manor. The Chairman may then submit your complaint to the Board for their consideration at the next board meeting. The Moundridge Manor Board of Directors’ answer should be in writing and will be given to you within three days. The decision of the Board of Directors is final and binding.
  Reference: Moundridge Manor Employee Handbook, vv. 21.1, pp. 14